So, You've Decided to Start A Blog...

Blog is such an ugly word, don't you think? With starting Hippie Tea Party, I knew I wanted it to be more than just a... blog. Blogs are places where I picture people sharing personal opinions and showing what they're doing with their personal lives. I don't really know if every little aspect of my life is interesting enough for it to warrant having it's own blog (at least one that people would want to read). But, I've come to learn that I'm blessedly surrounded by a great number of lovely individuals in my life who not only have very interesting outlooks on life, but they also have a great deal of fabulous insider information about the fashion, beauty, food, home decor, design, and travel industries.

No, I don't want for this to be viewed as a "blog." I want this to be viewed as more of a shared community, where we can define ourselves with our curiosity. Where a collective interest in exploring all aspects of life can be celebrated and re-created. It's about sharing those fanciful discoveries and inspiring people to do some discovering of their own. It's an online destination for like-minded tastemakers and trendsetters who have something exciting to say in the form of personal musings, daily discoveries, and fabulous finds. Let it be a haven for all the charming things that no one else quite understands.

So how did HTP get started? With me! I'm Molly (hello, internets!), and since arriving in New York City almost 8 years ago, I've found myself drawn to the unique and special way people here dress themselves. Sometimes it's quiet and comfortable, and other times it's attention-grabbing. I find inspiration in that, and I started noticing that I can dress myself each morning to create the person that I want to be. I believe that the way you dress yourself is a reflection of your personality and your individuality. And I've seen amazing things happen to people who dress themselves with pride, creativity, as well as playfulness - finding your own style can not only make people take notice of you, but it can open doors for you, too.

Funnily enough, I like looking back into my high school days when I was still trying to find myself. Not yet a budding fashionista here in New York (ugh, so cliche, right??), I was a drama student in Jacksonville, Florida. More than any of the plays I starred in and rehearsed for (there were many), the one thing I very clearly still remember is the first pair of shoes I bought that my mother did not approve of. It was our high school winter formal, and I had a date with a very attractive (and way out of my league) crew kid. He had a six-pack, and I was smitten. But I digress.

It was a Roaring 20's party, and I had a vintage flapper dress (black and fringe-y and oh-so-chic) and my great grandmother's mink stole, but no shoes. My mother and I went to the local Belk's (oh yes, a Belk), and I settled in on a pair of Mary Jane style pointed toe pumps that were not only fabulous, but really served as the ultimate finishing touch for the look that I was going for. When I saw these shoes, I knew instantly. I needed them. I didn't want them, I needed them. It wasn't even a debate in my head.

My mother, ever the practical woman she is, tried in vain to talk me out of buying the shoes. I'm sure she thought I'd never wear them again, and she was dead wrong. I rocked those babies until the heel popped off nearly six years later. I think I might actually still have them in my closet, praying that by some miracle that a master ninja shoemaker might be able to fix them one day, and restore their old glory.

The moral of the story is this: I knew it was love at first sight when it came to those patent leather beauties. I knew at that moment that I was discovering my own taste, my own choice, my own style, and my own aesthetic. Never let anyone, not even your own mother (sorry, Mom - love you), dictate what you love. If you want the shoes, buy the shoes. Make a whole wardrobe around them. Craft your life around things that you find absolutely beautiful, and you'll find yourself being inspired. And that, my friends, is what I want this little "blog" to be about.
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