Meow Moment: National Pet Day

Today is a very important national holiday. In case you weren't aware (not sure how that would be possible), it's National Pet Day. This can only mean one thing - I have yet another excuse to talk about my cat, Shep. He's been such a huge part of my life for over two years now that it's hard to let this holiday go by without at least mentioning him, let alone honoring him in the best way I know how - through cat fashion (naturally). 

I'm not the only lady in the fashion industry that's dedicated to (read: obsessed with) her cat. In fact, Anna Wintour's right-hand, Grace Coddington, famously loves her cats. Ruthie Friedlander of Elle.com also recently wrote about how her cat saved her life after a horrible breakup. Then, the New York Times (that's how you know I'm totally on-trend here) wrote about how adopting a cat is now seen as a badge of independence. I could go on and on, really.

Here is where I could say that everyone should adopt a cat (I'm not opposed to it, and will and stand by this sentiment), but I also know that there are so many people out there who hate cats. As someone who grew up around big dogs, I will say that understand their feelings about it. But, here's the thing about cats: once they love you, they really, really love you. Dogs love you all the time. That's part of their charm. And don't get me wrong, I will always love dogs. But there's something so rewarding about having a cat curl up in your lap and love on you, too - a different kind of love. It's very sweet and calming.

Fashion is just one of the many quirky and adorable ways to show the world your love for your pet on a day like today. Wear your love on your sleeve. Like Taylor Swift does (whose cat, Meredith, is one of my favorite internet celebrities ever).

1. With Love from CA Cat Sunglasses iPhone Case ($10) is a fearless dedication to hipster cats everywhere.
2. Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats ($595) have been a favorite of mine for a while, as well as being donned by celebs like Katy Perry, Alexa Chung, and Sarah Jessica Parker (just to name a few).
3. CRAP Eyewear Hanoi Weekend Sunglasses ($56) are a great pair of cat eye of sunnies, without being overly dramatic and costume-y.
4. Markus Lupfer Meow Alex T-Shirt ($150) couldn't be any more perfect. Also available in a sweater and shorts combo (am I dreaming?).
5. Meadowlark Cat Ears Ring ($179) is subtly sweet and a great gift for cat ladies like myself.
6. Accessorize Cat Riding Cap ($39) will help expand my hat collection as well as being freakin' adorable (win/win).

Now, go out into the world and celebrate your pet! They deserve it, because putting up with humans is hard, y'all.

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