Five Things: A Week in Sunsets

At the end of the day (no pun intended), life is about the little things that you take pleasure in. And really, there's nothing I find more happiness in than watching the summer sunset. It can be anywhere in the world, and a great sunset is truly the perfect cap to any day. I know... what a novel idea, right? A girl who likes sunsets. But, in my defense (before I get called out for being cliche), it's not just the sun setting that I enjoy about this time of day. More than that, I love the differentiation that comes from temperature, wind speed, and cloud conditions. The fact that each sunset has its own palette that's remarkably fresh is the part that's even more impressive to me - that no two sunsets are ever the same. And, they're a bit like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna get.

In Brooklyn, we have stunning views of the sunset over the city nightly. And in the summer, the sky is cast in the most wonderful array of colors, like someone reached out and tie dyed the entire heavens in one big, ongoing nightly party. The pinks are electric, the clouds turn gold and silver along their edges, and the blues meld into purples which in turn meld into deep magentas and oranges. Over the past few weeks I've taken my camera out for a handful of these amazing views - and five of them have been so stunning that I really have to share them here - it would be a disservice not to, really.

And of course, check out my instagram for more sunsets... because I will never not post a great sunset.

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