Little Things: Thoughts on Living (and Thriving) in New York

Everyone here is complaining about the weather. There have been a handful of really nice, not-too-hot, not-too-cold, not rainy and perfectly sunny spring days, and New Yorkers love those. But, more than that, I've found that New Yorkers love to complain about the weather (or anything else that is bothering them that day, but particularly the weather). It's a part of regular conversation - and it's mainly because we are forced to face it every damn day. We can't just run from our house and hop into our car to escape the rain, snow, wind, or humidity; we have to know the weather every morning and every evening, and be prepared for it with umbrellas and rain/snow boots readily on hand.

I don't really enjoy the process of complaining these days; I've started to feel like if you sit around and complain, you're just taking yourself one step further away from fixing your problem. Don't get me wrong; I love talking about things and working them out through communication and brainstorming, but it's only when you can actually approach something you can change. And, with weather, there's really no point in complaining, because there's not anything you can do to change it. Some days I do feel a deep desire to crawl under the sheets and just stay in bed when it rains (so cozy!), but other days, it's actually quite nice to feel the cool rain on my skin as I walk home.

My friend recently posted this link to a blog called JustJuliette on her Facebook page, and I clicked through because (since moving to New York) I clearly have a love/hate relationship with the city. And, it seems like Juliette does, too, which I appreciate. It's a complex feeling that only people who have lived in New York can understand, I think. As I read through her thoughtful post, I immediately identified with all of her sentiments; I've included an excerpt below, but you should definitely click through to the above link and read it all. If there's anything that I've found out about New Yorkers after the almost nine years of living here (other than their love of complaining about the weather, of course), it's that we're totally resilient - which makes it one of the best and worst cities in the country, depending on the day, of course. 


"When I exit the airport in LA, the daily pressure melts away. [...] And I find myself thinking 'Yes. I could do this. I could be relaxed.' Because, honestly, I'm tired. I'm tired of fighting. But the issue is, I'm not tired of winning. And a victory in New York is like no other, because of the fight you put up to obtain it. The struggle IS real. But so is the payoff." 

LA is nice, but New York is better. 
by JustJuliette 

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