Tidbits: Fresh Floral Arrangements

For Memorial Day (so long ago, I know, SIGH), I wanted to do something special with one of the hippies. We're stretched across the country, so I always have a great excuse to travel whenever I get a handful of days off. Since I hadn't seen her in far far far too long, I flew out to Wisconsin to visit with none other than our lovely Midwestern contributor Mateline. Over the weekend, it was beyond gorgeous out; we frolicked in farm fields, had a good old-fashioned BBQ, and, of course, created our own lovely little floral arrangements off of flowers found on her parents' farm.

We created a very simple bouquet from what was readily available; we chose armfuls of purple lilacs and richly pink tree peonies to pair with them. Mateline and I both loved the way the formation of the lilac blooms perfectly complemented the big, puffy peonies, and the greenery poking out around them made the whole thing come together quite naturally. I adore being outside on the farm in the fresh open air, and (if you couldn't already tell from my ridiculous string of floral images on Instagram) to me, there's nothing like flowers in the spring and summer seasons. The pops of color are a recipe for instant happiness, which is why I pick up fresh flowers from the market often to pepper throughout my home.

And, FYI - nothing feels (or smells!) better than an armful (literally... an arm or two full) of freshly picked flowers.

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