Delightful Discoveries: A Question of Eagles Pottery

The internet is both a scary and magical place. There's nothing I love more than having enough time in the day to fall down the rabbit hole a little, following link after link until you find something that you're just absolutely entranced by. I've been a fan of a little online retail business (not so little anymore) called Of A Kind for a while now, where designers are encouraged to create a limited edition piece that is sold exclusively on the site. At the time that I found the website, I had been dating someone who was a bit of a commercial snob, so he always wanted to find and have something unique that no one else had. Obviously, Of A Kind was perfect for that. 

Astral Bent Top Vase, A Question of Eagles for Of A Kind
As I purchased my first few pieces from them, I became more interested in the idea behind it all and started discovering all the designers separately from their Of A Kind editions. When this little Astral Bent Top Vase came out, it was right up my alley. Handmade pottery is one of my weak spots; I really respond to how each piece was formed by hands just like mine, in turn making each piece something incredibly unique. This vase has been one of my favorite editions, so naturally I clicked through to the designer profile to learn more about who crafted this. And the more I learned, the more I fell in love with the brand - A Question of Eagles.

A Question of Eagles is an LA-based company that specializes in not only pottery - but also jewelry and quilts. Everything is handmade, whether it's by husband-and-wife team Melissa and Jonathan out in California or the quilting done by Melissa's mom (Marcia) in Illinois. Inspired by nature and their travels through the American landscape, Melissa and Jonathan have developed an amazing brand that's co-founded in their combined love to create heirloom-quality pieces. I'm swooning over everything - now if only they stocked here in New York. I guess a trip to California might be in order?

A Question of Eagles | Very Large Lantern
A Question of Eagles | Mini Zig Zag


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