Five Things: The Maine Event

As I've mentioned several (maybe annoying, sorry not sorry) times, this past weekend for the Fourth - and my birthday, duh - I took a rare handful of days off to roadtrip it up to the lobster hub of New England; the wild and wonderful state of Maine. Why Maine? Not sure, to be honest. Exactly ten years ago I headed there with my family and remember falling in love with the rugged coast and vividly green mountainscapes. Maine is such a unique state (and, in my opinion, totally underrated) with a variety of activities ranging from hiking to boating to lobster fishing and beyond. Being the relatively outdoorsy (haaaah) hippie that I am, I packed my blue jeans and cozy knit sweaters to head north and enjoy everything Maine has to offer.

I think I should preface this with a disclaimer: I'm a planner. I really, really, really enjoy planning things - to the point that it truly 100% excites me when all my plans come through perfectly. I'm still learning the art of the right amount of anticipating and planning for trips - so this time, I may have overplanned by just a little. Okay... a lot.

There were just so many things I wanted to do! And I didn't count on the weather. On the drive up, it was foggy and overcast which was actually moody and wonderful. As soon as we hit Portland, the rain started falling - HARD. We got up to Brooklin (ironically enough - Brooklyn to Brooklin) and it was nice enough to let us see a few sites on the Fourth in Acadia before it started raining... again. Still we didn't let it dampen our mood and we saw parts of Acadia National Park right before the downpour. Then it kept raining. And raining. Finally when the rain passed the next day, we made our way to a winery (YAY) and as the rain went northwards we sipped on blueberry wine and enjoyed fresh cheeses. The sunset when we got home that night was probably one of the most magical things I've ever seen - truly - and then the next morning we departed and headed back down south along the coast in what can only be described as perfect weather.

As we were roadtripping through Maine, however, we were lucky enough to go to a number of absolutely stunning locations that really demonstrated (at least to me) what the coastal Maine landscape was all about. Maine is one of those enchanted states that's blessed to be so intensely photogenic (erm... 'grammable). Maine's coastline is rough and rocky while being distinctly beautiful, with inland mountains hosting cloud rivers that make you want to dance and sing and live there forever all at the same time. Here I am today, to share with you five things I did in Maine that I instantly fell in love with.

1. Get to the top of Cadillac Mountain. Views are unreal.
2. Stay in Brooklin. This little town is everything.
3. Go to Two Lights and explore the coast. And... get the lobster rolls. Duh.
4. If you're a bird, I'm a bird, in Acadia National Park. Everything about this place refreshes you.
5. Cellardoor Winery: wine, cheese, and scenery. There is literally nothing in this world that's better.
These are only five of the intensely regenerating things I did while in Maine, and this isn't even counting the remote little red cabin we rented (check out my instagram for more pics!). I honestly feel like when you're in this state you can do no wrong - every tiny town has a secret, and every street corner hosts a scene that's something out of a fairy tale. All these discoveries that the Maine coast holds made my Fourth something unique and unbelievably American for someone who's so used to fireworks and beer. Now the only question that's left is if I'm spoiled enough to go back... and I can already answer that. 

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