Meow Moment

Whenever I go on long trips, everyone always asks me what I do with Shep. He's a panicky little thing (although you couldn't tell by his attitude most days), so I do like to keep him at home. Never fear! I have so many wonderful friends who care about him and pop in to make sure he's doing well, but I think ultimately it's better for him to have the comforts of home - especially if I'm not around (we're pretty dependent on each other). In any case, he lasts about five days before he gets upset, and then he takes that aggression out through his redecoration hobby (#catfengshui). I got home on the sixth day of being gone... so as you can guess, he had really taken over the place.

I left my house spotless. I don't usually do that, but I did this time. I vacuumed, I did all the dishes, and heck, I even made my bed. All the laundry had been done, every inch of my home was organized and meticulous. Let me just paint a picture for you as to what I came home to for a moment. First of all - litter. Litter everywhere, in every single nook and cranny. And hair. So much hair that when you walk, it moves under your feet. Two of the cabinets in the kitchen were opened and sat that way for God knows how long. Finally (and I do think this was the crowning touch), small batch fresh vomit on my favorite cowhide rug.


Then he curled into my lap and laid his little head on my thigh, and all was forgiven. This is the magic of pets, y'all.

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