Currently Coveting: Etsy-Found Handmade Ceramic Pottery

Etsy is very much a part of my life. First, because I love shopping. But also because it's the perfect online destination for finding everything in your life that you never really knew you needed (in other words: suuuuper dangerous for your wallet). When I first began decorating my Brooklyn apartment, I would scour Etsy for hours to find that next little trinket for my home that would bring everything together. It's a site that's good for so many wonderful things - one of them being (my favorite) handmade ceramics. I don't know how or why I've developed this obsession with pottery, but without fail, each and every time I see a handmade ceramic dish or mug, I find myself instantly considering how it will aesthetically add to my steadily expanding collection. Do I need these things? Meh, *probably* not. Do I want them? You bet your butt I do.

One of the main things that appeals to me about pottery (specifically, handmade pieces like these ceramics) is that they're all very truly one-of-a-kind. Sure, some of them might be from cast or printed, but when you get down to the beginning of it, the piece is unique in every way. Someone - another real human being - actually used their hands and took the time to specifically create that mug that you hold in your hand or the plate you put your jewelry on at the end of the day. And, if you're really ambitious, you can actually look up who made it, where it was made, and when. I think that's something really special in this day and age, don't you?

Baskakova Jaguar Tea Cup ($77) is a clever creation from London. These are a limited edition run, and I chuckle at the idea of having a cat (usually terrified of water like my own feline) being juxtaposed in something like the inside of a cup filled with a liquid. In this instance, the cup was thrown on a wheel, then cast to repeat - but each stage of production is done by hand.

Wacamole Ceramic Pots ($52 - $62) are quirky and adorable planters that are modeled and decorated by hand in Spain. How much do you love these guys? The tabletop planter with his legs sprawled in either direction is an ideal (and totally unpredictable!) way to add some character to a room.

Kismet Pottery Ceramic Spice Bowls ($35) are for the domestic diva in all of us. As I watch the Food Network at night (as I often find myself doing, no judgement), I notice how many cooks have amazing spice bowls to keep their salt, pepper, and various herbs in. The minty interior of this handmade set of three dishes from New York keeps the things decorative while still being totally functional for the kitchen.

Claylicious Ceramic Gold-Rimmed Vases ($35) will keep a desk at work looking super chic. The metallic golden rims of these four-inch-tall mini vases make them the sweet little nothings that will have everyone jealous. Hand-painted and wheel-thrown in Los Angeles, they're each especially unique, so snatch a few and give them away as housewarming presents!

Avesha Michael Ceramic Jug Vase ($85) will add some major character to any tabletop. This rustic-but-modern jug-shaped vase features a hippie-friendly brown speckled glaze, is hand-sculpted in Los Angeles, and is a statement addition to a room with just a few little branches inside. The carvings on the outside are reminiscent of log cabins in the mountains, which makes my heart sing (obviously).

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