Meow Moment

It's a bit terrifying for me to think about my cat growing older, because it means that I'm also getting older. When I adopted Shep, he was just a few weeks old and he was so very itty bitty (the runt, how adorable / appropriate for me)! Now he's getting to be full-grown, and it's really started hitting home that I can't remember life without his little furry butt. When I first met him, I had to take a subway and two buses out into Queens - so far out, I thought I might need a passport to get back into Brooklyn. But as soon as he was in my arms, he started purring and kneading the air, and it all just kind of... clicked. I'm 98% sure I was squealing the whole time.

He's going to be three years old in October, which means he's officially no longer a baby (although he still acts like one from time to time). So, for Throwback Thursday, I decided to go back through the vault to find some of the pictures I took of our first few days together. It's such a trip to see how he's grown into his big bat ears, his eyes turned from dusty blue-green to vivid green, and his nose went from dark and tiny to not-quite-as-tiny and pink. Even with how big he's gotten since three years ago, he's still got the same 'tude that he had when I first brought him home and he settled in directly on my face to take a nap. How considerate, Shep. It's not like I need to breathe or anything. 

The first moment we met.
Our first day home together.
Tuckered out.
It's funny how pets can make your heart open up to things you never knew you were capable of before, and how - even though you can't have basic conversations with them - they quickly become an integral part of your family and your day-to-day life.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

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