Five Things: Another Week In Sunsets

If there's anything that's 100% certain in my life, it's that I freakin' love to watch the sunset.

I'm not entirely sure where this particular pastime came from - and I've been told by numerous people is that it's because I'm a girl, and girls love sunsets. But, if I'm being frank, I think it's a bit more than that (really, though). Sunsets, like a lot of things, are completely and utterly unpredictable. It's simply in their nature to be that way; you'll think that everything had been set up to create a top notch showing, but unless there are just the right amount of clouds and the atmospheric conditions have reached their ideal, then nothing is absolutely certain. It's their uncanny ability to knock you on your feet with spectacular one-of-a-kind colors, though, that always gets me going. So (in case you love them or, in some cases, you just like pretty pictures of the sky), here's five fantastic Brooklyn sunsets to help get you through the week.

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