Five Things: Autumn Vibes

It's happening, y'all. I'm slowly starting to appreciate the fall. Don't get me wrong - I still hate the cold. That much hasn't changed (at all, not one bit, not ever). I'm slipping in and out of hoping we have one more day of 75 degree perfectly sunny weather and secretly loving the moody cloudy weather that comes with waves of brisk winds and afternoon showers. But the part that gets me the most? The friggin' unreal colors of the leaves before they fall off all the trees.

When we were in the Catskills this past weekend, the colors that dotted the horizon varied from vivid yellow to bright red and back to deep, dark greens and rich maroons - all of which faded in and out of each other in a fabulous display of seasonal fall ombré. Paired with snug sweaters and fresh air, the whole trip was something out of an old timey film.

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