How To Holiday: Why I Love Christmas Cards

Christmas cards have always been a BIG deal in my family. I'm not talking about the kind of card you attach to a gift that you're handing over to someone. I'm talking about the classy / hilarious posed picture of the entire family in matching sweaters kind of card. Of course, everyone loves a cheesy holiday pic, but that's not even the best part of this tradition. The Christmas card letter, or the accompanying annual newsletter that goes to friends and family (and in some instances, acquaintances / co-workers that you want to brag to) that details the goings-on in your family's life, is - and always will be - my favorite addendum.

Now, my family's newsletter has become increasingly bizarre, especially in the past few years. The humor somehow got madly twisted into an inside joke / our weird sense of humor, and now I'm fairly certain that anyone who doesn't directly know us must think that we're a bunch of loonies. But we - as a family unit - never pay that any mind, and my father specifically takes a great deal of pride in crafting the perfect narrative, which oftentimes comes paired with another strange, photo-shopped visual. Don't ask, I promise you won't get it.

In my personal life, I've also taken a liking to sending out Christmas cards. I've dumbed down the script of the newsletter into a quick little note in a greeting card, paired with an adorable picture of myself and Shep. I did this for two main reasons: 1. I write a blog (this one, duh), so anyone who wants to read my ramblings on the reg can just come here, but also, 2. I enjoy picking out the greeting cards a lot more than I probably should. I take interest year-round in visiting different websites and stores before settling on one (or in most cases, multiple box sets) to send out.

I thought that now is a perfect time to share, so here are this year's top five favorite Christmas cards to help spread that good happy holiday cheer.

1. Rifle Paper Co.'s Joyeux Noël ($16 for 8). One of my favorite brands. VERY hippie-friendly in all of their products. They also did a collab with Paper Crown (of Lauren Conrad fame).

2. Zeichen Press's Are We There Yet ($20 for 8)... because you know they must have thought that.

3. O Plus D's Happy Holidays Bitches ($4.50 for 1). This one is for all my main ladies, a little bit of vulgar holiday love.

4. Word For Word Factory's Parents and Presents ($20 for 6). It's not Christmas until someone busts out the Peppermint Schnapps. Truly.

5. Elum Designs' Most Dashing ($16 for 6). Ideal for all the people who you can't send inappropriate cards to, like coworkers and / or landlords. 

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