Meow Moment

Since I recently talked about the wonderful world (and my deep unwavering love) of Christmas cards, I thought it might be appropriate timing for me to share a little sneak peek into my annual Christmas card picture. Shep is involved. As are pearls. And a bold, red lip (a look I like to bust out from time to time). Here's an outtake from the shoot, where the cat is clearly not pleased and I am trying in vain to snug him a leeeetle bit closer without looking like I'm massively stressed out about the amount of cat hair getting on my nice, black dress.

This one is obviously more flattering than others, including the one where he escaped my grip and I'm making a face that's twisted in pain (level 10) after his toenail scratched the phooey out of my arm. Love hurts.

Disclaimer: He was definitely not the happiest camper, but no cats were harmed in the making of this post. My arm is another story, however. Still hurts.

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