Day Trippin': Getting Historical At Chickamauga

In addition to the treasure hunting that happened at my grandmother's house in Georgia over the Thanksgiving holiday, my parental units and I took a brief little day trip (we wouldn't be us if we didn't) and headed over to the Chickamauga Battlefield. We love stopping by here whenever we're in the area for a few reasons. The main reason being that we, as a family, love being outside - and we're massive suckers for national parks with open fields and wooded trails.

Chickamauga is a national military park that's situated along the Georgia / Tennessee state line, and is known for an important battle that took place in the area during the Civil War way back in 1863. Fought in mid-September, the battle had the second highest number of casualties in the war, and was the first major battle that took place in the state of Georgia. It's regarded as a huge Union loss, who wanted to take control of the city of Chattanooga in Tennessee - which was widely regarded as the gateway to the heart of the Confederate South at the time. I won't bore you with much more of the details, but you can read more about it here. It's actually pretty fascinating if you want to pull out your history-nerd thick-rimmed glasses and take a look. 

We checked out a number of monuments at the park over the course of the afternoon, including the Wilder Brigade Tower (which hosts an 85-foot tall spiral staircase that made me infinitely dizzy), the Snodgrass House on Snodgrass Hill (which we clearly wanted to see just because of the amazing name), and a variety of statues / plaques dedicated to infantries that fought (many of which had the most fascinating facial hair I've seen in a while - that's saying something since I hail from Brooklyn these days).

All in all, the park was beautiful this time of year, with leaves still clinging to the branches of trees as well as covering the ground. It was a much needed reminder that, although it may be frigid and rainy in New York City, some places still have the crisp air of autumn hanging around.

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