Little Things: Bric-A-Brac At Grandma's House

Do you ever notice how, as you get older, you start collecting random things? When I was back in my college days, it was definitely all about paperwork and books piling up, but as I've aged - like a fine wine, really - it's gotten to be a bit more... expansive. Personally, I'm drawn to little things that tell a story, like a hand-carved tea box from Darjeeling or an antique woven and fringed blanket (both acquired from Instagram sales, don't judge me). What's even more terrifying than the realization that the tendency to accumulate these things makes me exhibit borderline hoarding habits, is that I've noticed that my mother and my grandmother do the exact same thing.

As I was visiting my grandmother's house in Georgia, I was awestruck by the grandiosity of her collection of these assorted objects, and how she knew a back-story for almost every single piece. As my father walked in on us clearing out some of the boxes in her garage, he and I started in on a conversation about the variety of terms for them. He began with bric-a-brac, a French term, and then we hit fun ones, like knickknacks, tchotchkes, baubles, doodads, and my all time favorite so far - curios. And, just like that, my collecting obsession now had a name.

The curios that I like to pepper my apartment with (just like generations of women in my family have apparently done before me) are something that I consider to be a part of my personality. I love collecting them, finding out all about them, and telling their stories to guests who pop in, just like my grandmother does. She was generous enough to share a few pieces from her collection with me (more pictures to come later!) - and then there were others that I stumbled upon in her house on my own when everyone was distracted with cooking for the holiday.

And, because I'm me, I wanted to share them here. I mean, if curios can't be shared, then what are they there for?

An Antique Cut Glass Mini Vase and Shot Glass (classy)
Assorted Brass Woodland Animal Statuettes
Antique Cut and Painted Glass Bluebell Bowl (friggin' gorgeous)
Not even pretending to know... but OMG.
Hand-Painted Antique Gold-Rimmed Saucer (this beauty is mine now!)

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