Delightful Discoveries: Yangyang Pan Abstract Art

I don't speak to art on a larger scale here on HTP because I don't feel like I have the authority to do so (I let Erin do all that for me, since she's qualified and all). I enjoy art, just as much as any creative person, but I've never studied it super thoroughly - and I certainly don't pretend to have any sort of degree in it. All I can talk about when viewing and purchasing art is the feeling that an artist gives me and how much emotion a particular piece evokes. And there's something about Yangyang Pan that draws out the happiest, most joyful, feelings in me. Born in China, and relocated to Toronto, Pan has dedicated her artistic career to the vision of thoughtful and deep recreations of natural scenery through bright colors and happy notions.

I think the thing that appeals to me most about Pan's work - especially when I first came across it - is that is focuses on contrasts and colors that are found in nature. The vitality of each piece has a beauty to it that's kind of... conflicting (does that even make sense?). The canvas she creates tends to balance itself out, though, through a playful mix of dark and light, shadows and brights, saturation and reflection. On display in galleries throughout Toronto and New York, her artwork has a musicality to it, drawing from this natural side of life and presenting it within a negative space. It takes the viewer on an intense journey with colors of youthful energy, happiness and optimism, all of which speak to me so clearly that it's practically screaming - although through a gentle, but vibrant whisper (also, does that even make sense?). The balance and control of the paintbrush that she flaunts is something that drives wonder without evoking question - happiness and collection through play and experimentation rather than through exact measurements.

This artwork, which I've discovered on a whim (or maybe it was through fellow hippie Erin's Pinterest, I can't really recall at the moment), mesmerizes and calls for the viewer to feel compelled enough to drive along a fantasy road that otherwise wouldn't exist. Intensely and abstractly floral, while each one lovingly portrayed, Pan's pieces overwhelm the viewer with natural beauty. Rich with oil in some places, and empty calm in others - much like The Secret Garden that Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote about in 1911, in which Burnett explores the healing power of living things.

Winter Whites
Love This Piece
Cheers to Friday
All of the above art is created by Yangyang Pan, and presented through her Instagram - prints are available at her Etsy shop. Her website is here, and she lists her original works available here. If you'd like to contact her, do so through here - all her information is currently listed.

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