Little Things: Florida Afternoon Rain

I'm going to be honest with y'all. Compared to New York and Brooklyn, Florida can be, well, boring. It's a kind of slower life down south, and when you're on vacation, you tend to ease into it and notice the little things that you never took the time to appreciate growing up. One of those things? The afternoon downpours that happen almost daily in North Florida. It'll be a lovely, sunny, warm day in the morning, with blue skies and fluffy clouds floating along peacefully - and then, BOOM. Usually right around 1pm to 3pm, the clouds go black, blocking out the sun, emptying out their entire contents onto the ground below before clearing up again an hour or two later. I'm the first to tell you that I hate walking through the rain here in New York City, but somehow the rain in Florida seems (how do I put this nicely...) cleaner. Better. Prettier. More peaceful. I had a chance to revel in the afternoon rain when I was on vacation, relaxing on my family's patio while reading a snuggle-up book. But, I kept getting distracted by all the sights and the sounds from the rain - a visual and audible lullaby for a city brat who was now accustomed to concrete, sirens, cars, and trains. Me being me, I tried to capture it all and imprint it into my memory bank to save for a chaotic day.

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