Little Things: Teeny Tiny Cabins

Whenever it's this cold out, my mind always wanders to the mountains (wanderlust at it's finest, hippies). To be quite fair, my mind also wanders to the mountains in the summertime, and I often take trips to the Catskills in the Spring and / or the Fall. I've already talked about this a bit, but I went to sleep-away camp in the mountains of North Carolina for countless summer months throughout my childhood and adolescence, so the mountains feel like a second home to me. The seclusion, the wilderness that surrounds you, the fresh air that hangs around you and enters into your body like a thick, lovely blanket: I love it all.

If you ask my man, he's partial to wanting to be near a body of water while on vacation (they say it relaxes you and makes you more creative) - so I try to accommodate him in my plans, usually with a river here, a lake there, a creek across the street - but I somehow always end up looking at AirBnB, dreaming of a far off cabin in the woods with little to no cell service. Something so romantically remote is rejuvenating to me. I think, for the most part, it's because when I leave the big, bad city, I want to be reminded of the simple, mountain, happy lifestyle that I remember experiencing as a kid, roaming the mountains of North Carolina, sleeping on a skinny mattress in a old cabin that smells so much of the wood it was made from, that you can't help but be in touch with your surroundings. It's incredibly difficult to get that in New York, where everything is comprised of concrete and metal.

While I sit here, perusing places that might be fitting for a March or April weekend getaway here in the Northeast, my inspiration was leading me elsewhere - to wondrous, far-off places with similarly remote locations - that featured the best teeny tiny cabins that look insanely perfect against their grandiose mountain backgrounds. Covered in snow, arched with trees and mountains and wilderness all around them, I couldn't help but fall head over heels in love. So, naturally, I wanted to share my #cabinporn here with my hippies - a roundup of the teeniest, tiniest, loveliest cabins that I could find. My hope is not that this makes you sad to be back at work and not on vacation, but to look forward / plan for a getaway of your own. Where do you want to go next?

The Most Perfect A-Frame Cabin
Mountain Cabin Winter Wonderland
Mountain Meadow Retreat | Photo by Michael Schmidt
Misty Mountainside Cabin
The Red Winter Cabin in Norway | Photo by Tzvika Stein
Cabin on the Mountainside | Photo by Bob Winsett


  1. Hi Molly!

    Thank you for your kind message on IFB and great post! Loving the pictures and idea of a cabin in the woods!

    Hope you can stop by CH1K.com

    Helen xx


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