A Happy Home: Cozy Leather Armchairs

It is painfully cold here in New York. So much so that I actually refused to leave my apartment today - and I've been bundled up in blankets on blankets on blankets, burrito-mode style all afternoon long. I do have a habit of being a bit of a hermit in the winter, being from Florida and all, but today was exceedingly rough. And on days like these, I always wish I had a leather armchair to cozy up into.

I didn't grow up with leather armchairs, so I'm not exactly sure where this obsession comes from. But here's the picture as it's laid out in my mind: It's frigid outside. You start a fire in your romantic, hand-laid stone fireplace (something like this), but you're still chilled to the bone. You grab a pile of blankets and throws - some plaid wool, some big chunky ivory knit - and you curl up into an old, worn-in leather armchair. You bring with you a good book, a hot cup of tea, and your favorite lap animal. You sit there for hours, warming up throughout the bitterly cold winter day. Now doesn't that sound just perfect?

Maybe it's my interior love for all things mountain-cabin related. Maybe it's my leaning towards rustic accents. Whatever it is, I've been thinking about those leather arm chairs all day long. Here are some of my favorite inspirations to create a happy (and warm) home with leather armchairs. Enjoy!

Savor Home Blog
Ralph Lauren Home (Writer's Chair)
Simply Grove (Apartment-Living on Avalon)
Blood and Champagne
Savor Home Blog
Milo and Mitzy (EST Magazine)
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  1. Awesome chairs! So cozy looking


  2. Wow, just looking at it, it feels so relaxing. Hahaha! I'm loving your blog!



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