Beauty Bag: Controlling Your Winter Frizz

Back home in Florida, heat and humidity frizz was something I managed year-round. I learned quickly how to tame it, how to cover it up, or how to pretend that baby hairs and fly-aways were "cool" because of how "real" I was (still not sure I convinced anyone). When I moved my life to be up here in New York, I was introduced to a strange phenomenon known as winter frizz. This is a new kind of frizz that I wasn't used to, and had no idea how to tackle it. Whereas in the summer, when morning air drying and some beach spray - combined with some fancy hair-wrapping techniques - helped me to get away with humidity-caused frizz on the reg, cold / wet strands in the winter made me quite miserable.

The result of air drying hair in the winter without product? Flat. Drab. Unhappy. Split ends. Dried out. Frizz to develop shortly, thanks to static cling and straw-like hair texture. And leaving the apartment with wet hair is a death wish - truly. I hate those articles that tell you not to take hot showers (um, yeah right), to wear only silk-lined hats (because those are readily sold everywhere - NOT), or to dry your hair with a t-shirt (sure, I don't create enough laundry as it is), so I wanted to find another way. But never fear, hippies! I've learned some great tips and tricks after residing up north for nearly a decade. And the answer is simple: you've got to protect your hair from the seemingly endless subzero temperatures like you would protect your bare skin from frostbite. And that's where oils come in.

Here are three of my favorite products (DIY and otherwise) that I swear by for shine, even when it's frigid out. They coat strands like a wool... well, coat - keeping hair glossy, happy, and healthy. And again, as I always say: keep in mind what your own hair is like. Mine is thick and slightly wavy, but super prone to frizz, so I tend to over-condition and over-use oils. If your hair is fine, try using just a touch of product. If your hair is curly, maybe you'll need a bit more. It's a science, y'all - trial and error until you hit that perfect medium!
1. Argan Oil ($13). So many success stories start with this golden product. It's good on skin. It's great for hair. It's a massage oil. You can even eat it! The ever-gorgeous and glowy Constance Jablonski uses it. Do you need another reason? How about the fact that all your favorite brands probably have one in their line? I usually try to go organic and all-natural when it comes to this beauty elixir, but I've also heard amazing things about Josie Maran's (it's a cult classic). Just a few drops in your hands, rub together, and apply to hair (wet or dry). Focus mostly on the ends during application - that's where that damaged hair needs the most love anyways.

2. Coconut Oil ($15 or so, depending on where you buy it - I can't live without Nutiva). I've talked about coconut oil before, but it's worth repeating over and over and over again: this sh*t is a straight-up miracle. The fact that it's not more widely known and used is borderline insane to me. It's a heavier oil, so it penetrates the strands at a level that store-bought oils just can't reach. You can apply it at any time - but my absolute favorite thing to do (when I'm feeling fancy enough for a hair mask) is to just apply it to my hair before bed, slap on a shower cap, and shampoo it out during your AM shower. You might need to warm it up before applying it (I usually just rub it in my palms until it melts down), and if you have thinner or fine hair, use less and maybe rinse it out before bedtime. But overall, I could sit down and write a sonnet to coconut oil, that's how much I love it. 

3. Earth's Nectar Mint Leaves Scalp Oil ($19). As you can tell, I use a lot of natural oils in my hair. Sometimes when I get a little crazy and go overboard, I feel a little too oily. But never with this! It's got a mixture of essential oils - like rosemary, sweet almond, and jojoba, combined with peppermint - that makes it not only smell delightful, but also soothing while it moisturizes. The trick with this product is to not use too much of it, and only use it once a day; if it's not absorbing all the way into the scalp, you've applied too much. It only takes a little to make a difference! Just spray it into the palm of your hand, rub together, and massage into scalp. I recommend using it at night, mainly because of the dreamy smell that will linger with you and calm you down at bedtime. Bonus: it also treats dandruff and can prevent breakage and hair loss!

What's your favorite way to prevent winter frizz? Leave a comment below or e-mail us at hippieteaparty@gmail.com so we can try some new oils / DIY hair masks out!


  1. I'm a believer in coconut oil as well. It's like the second Vaseline, except you can even use it in cooking. I keep a couple of jars at home for different purposes.


    1. LOVE coconut oil. I don't know how I ever lived without it! Thanks Zeinab!! x

  2. I have such a dry scalp, I will have to check Nutiva out!

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    1. Yes, Nutiva is AMAZING!! Highly recommended. :) xx

  3. thank you for this! I ALWAYS have frizz so this is really helpful :) need to try that earth's nectar one stat! ♥

    1. Sure thing!! Earth's Nectar is amazing - they have a ton of different options with different scents, too. I love the mint one the most, though! :)


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