Flashback Friday: Dreaming of Lugano, Switzerland

It's on cold winter mornings like this one that the wanderlust grabs me by the neck and throws me up against a wall. It's a violent feeling, a gut-wrenching, almost angry urge that rises from my stomach up into my heart and pulsates throughout my chest (possibly a panic attack now that I'm looking at it from the outside). Being a Florida girl - forever and always - the cold weather is not something that I think I will ever get used to. Last winter was bad, but this year it's much, much worse. And whenever I get to feeling like a total hermit for wanting to stay inside and under the covers on a work day, I dream of the summer I spent in Lugano, Switzerland in 2008.

Rewind for a minute. I know what you're thinking. Switzerland?! I don't know why, but it just happened to all fell into place that Switzerland was where I was heading. I've always been a fan of travel - my father implemented a love for far-off places as far back as I can remember with family trips to national parks. But Switzerland was the first trip I would be taking (*gulp*) by myself. No one - from my college, from my circle of friends, from my extended family - would be there to greet me, or to stand by me as I tried to figure out where my abroad dorm was, or who I was supposed to talk to, or what I was supposed to do. I had to figure it all out on my own, and I am so incredibly grateful that I was brave enough to do just that. It was the experience of a lifetime.

The international school that the abroad program was through was an American University, so thankfully I wasn't totally stranded, since... well, I don't speak Italian (the native language) AT ALL. I can't even pretend to. Regardless, Lugano swiftly stole my heart. In the summer, the city is a real-life playground, with lush gardens, beaches on the lake, and cobblestone pathways galore. There are mountains to climb, secret pathways behind enormous Swiss houses to run down, and an array of restaurants ranging from Mexican to Chinese and beyond. And, well, it's on mornings like this one that I find myself looking back through pictures and remembering what the sweet summer sun felt like on my skin while I ran on the walk next to the lake.

That memory alone feeds the wanderlust the most.

How do you deal with cold-weather bouts? Where do you dream of going? Leave a comment below or shoot an e-mail to us at hippieteaparty@gmail.com. I'm planning my next getaway, so any places you have to recommend, I want 'em!


  1. Incredible pictures


  2. This is the best HTP post ever!

  3. I love Switzerland, I went there a few years ago, didn't visit Lugano though. Your pictures look incredible!!


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