A Happy Home: Adding Flair With Antlers

I have a major thing for antlers. It's gotten to the point where I have to be constantly reminded not to buy another pair, because honestly, I have no wall space for them at the moment. I don't know how, why or when this obsession started, but I can trace one specific memory back to a family trip in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We'd all trekked out to visit my little brother, who had been working at Grand Teton National Park over the summer. And as we entered into town after we arrived, in the middle of the main square there sat an enormous archway, made completely out of antlers. The grandiosity of it, coupled with it's cowboy-bohemian flair grabbed my attention immediately - and from that point onwards, all I could think about was completing my home with the little something extra that only antlers could add.

Antlers are kind of inherently magical to me. Think about it: they're bone structures (bone!) that are grown as an extension of the skull in mammals like deer, elk, moose. They grow these perfectly symmetrical bone sculptures only to shed them annually. Their bodies put enormous effort into creating them, growing them from nothing but a bit of cartilage until they're finally able to be used as impressive battering rams for mating. And then, POP! Off they fall. The miracle that these animals have adapted throughout time to be able to grow antlers, and then again for them to fall off once they're impeding their survival - that's something so fascinating to me.

Really, I think the main thing that I love about antlers is how organic they make a room feel. No matter how modern and minimalist the furniture and decor is, once you throw a set of antlers on the wall or as a tabletop piece, the entire mood of the design changes. It's kind of remarkable how one aspect of a room can shift the interior so dramatically. In my apartment, I have an enormous set of naturally shed antlers that were a Christmas gift from my boyfriend. They are huge and perfect, and they sit on either side of a shelf holding cowboy boots and candles underneath a horseshoe. So, as you can tell, I went all out with the Jackson Hole thing. No regrets at all because when I'm sitting underneath them with a string of Christmas lights twinkling above me and a wool Pendleton blanket across my lap, nothing could make me happier.

I wanted to share a bit of antler inspiration to hopefully pique your interest as well as to fuel my own. 

Antlers and Art with Sheepskin-Covered Wire Chairs
Tabletop Rustic Antlers
White on White with Antlers and Wood
Antlers in the Kitchen
Antlers, Books, and Rugs, Be Still My Heart
Naturally Shed Antler Wall Hangings
Antlers Get Festive
Welcoming Entryway Antlers
If you've ever used antlers in your home or in an apartment, we want to see them! Send us a pic by tweeting at us @hippieteaparty or tagging us on Instagram with the same handle.


  1. Very cool! Love the look it gives


    1. Right there with you, Mel!! Such an amazing touch.

  2. I want to get some for my new place! <3

    1. You know my vote: do it!!! :) xo


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