Beauty Bag: Multipurpose Beauty Balms

I am all about multitasking. I live for it. Some people hate it - there's an entire school of thought that humans should only focus on one thing at a time to maximize the attention and dedication given to the task. And sure, that might be a good practice for some; but that's definitely not the case for me. I thrive on the feeling like I'm getting as many things done as BeyoncĂ© does on any given day (even if I'm not really because she has like a million assistants). It's a little check list in my brain - and the more boxes I can check off, the better I feel by the end of the day. I'll often say to my friends with glee, "Oh, I got so many things done today!" 

When it comes to beauty products, too, there's nothing quite as awesome as discovering a cure-all. It's like winning the lottery (but with less money in your piggy bank, clearly). I mean, when I finally learned all the amazing properties of Coconut Oil, it was a treasure trove of fun. I could use it for anything! I bought a huge tub of it. It's enormous. It's already half empty. And while I do love it, there are certain beauty tasks that I don't want to use it for. So my bathroom cabinet is still full of creams, serums, lotions, and then some, for all the things that coconut oil is a little too oil-y for. Here, cue the entrance of the multipurpose balm.

I first heard about multipurpose balms last year, and it seemed a little too good to be true. I pictured them as an intensely fancy Vaseline. What was the real selling point? But then, I read more about them. And I became more intrigued. They're the best at hydrating, but also great at so many other things. Let's talk about just a few of their uses, shall we? Makeup remover. Brow gel. Split-end rescue. Highlighter and gloss. Moisturizer. Cuticle cream. Stretch mark solver. Dry skin rehydrator. Flyaway tamer. Basically, balms are the duct tape of the beauty world. And here are the top three that I think we should all be using in this never-ending winter. Because, yes, it's still cold. And, yes, it snowed today. On the first day of Spring. Ugh.
1. Elemental Herbology Tree of Life Multipurpose Balm ($58). Using an exclusive extract from an algae found in France, this balm features major anti-oxidant properties that keep skin from drying out while nourishing, lifting, repairing, and firming. The other main ingredient that I'm super intrigued by is the Buriti "Tree of Life" Oil, which is a Brazilian red oil that reduces inflammation and can heal burns while also helping out with stretch marks. And, of course, the addition of Argan oil, which is super rich in Vitamin E, radically improves the elasticity of skin by targeting low moisture levels.

2. NYR Organic Wild Rose Beauty Balm ($70). Whenever a balm talks about being "multipurpose," you expect it to fall short in at least a few categories. Not here. Made across the pond in England, this little pot of loveliness is popularly used as a cleansing and exfoliant balm - which, for sensitive skin, is amazing at loosening clogged pores and nourishing without being too heavy. As you massage it in, you get to take in the herbal smell of the product which is actually quite relaxing, and at the end of the process, you'll have a gorgeous glow. It decongests your skin instantly, and is made out of 99% organic ingredients. Bonus: also sheer perfection as a night moisturizer.
3. Aerin Beauty Rose Balm ($58). As I think of a more traditional balm, I picture it looking, smelling, and feeling more like this version. Crafted from 350 plus rose petals, it's a harder balm that gives an amazing finish. I started with my lips since they get chapped so much in the cold weather, moved to using it as a nighttime moisturizer twice a week, and then started lathering it all over my cuticles and hands. It soothes irritation, it plumps up dehydrated skin, and acts as one of the best face highlighters I've ever worked with - once you're done applying your makeup, just tap a small amount along your cheekbones for a soft, romantic and feminine glow.

Have you ever used a balm? What did you think? Leave us a comment below or write to us at hippieteaparty@gmail.com!

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