Delightful Discoveries: A MANO's Clay Treasures

I'm curious: what do you do when you have a bad day? One of the top five things that make me feel infinitely better is discovering lovely little treasures on Etsy. It's a strange addiction - not necessarily one that makes a whole lot of sense for a girl living in a small Brooklyn apartment. It certainly ensures that my walls and shelves are all full of treasures, knick-knacks, and prints, sure, but generally nowadays my house is brimming with these sorts of pieces... so I try my best to refrain. And then you find a collection of whimsical glazed clay animals and you think, well, I can fit these in somewhere around here, right?

When I first came across A MANO, it was on Instagram (click the link to follow - do it now, do it NOW!). I was skirting around the rabbit hole of the search homepage looking for ceramics, trying not to trip over the edge and fall in too deep. And when I finally did, I didn't end up minding at all (because I always trip, and I never ever mind). This store was curated by a Minnesotan photographer named Louisa Podlich, who wanted to create a space where art lovers and artists could come together. A MANO translates to "by hand" in Spanish, which is incredibly suitable for the impressive array of work that comes from various artists housed in the collection. But the thing I love even more than all of the visual porn on their website? Duh, their Etsy shop.

A MANO's Etsy is full of all the things I love most in life: artistic trinkets and bric-a-brac that are ideal for adorning one's home, filling it with stories. There are tiny ring dishes, painted and glazed with care, whose only purpose is to sit on a nightstand collecting your daily jewelry. There are mini wall-hangings that serve as an adorable pop of color in any room. There are hand-crafted spoons, small in size but big in character. There are hand-painted baby spirit animal figurines, each with their own personality and cheerfulness. All of the pieces are a little wonky and uneven in shape, but for me it only seems to enhance the charm. To give you a better idea, here are some of my favorite pieces.

Svetlana the Unicorn | SOLD, but more coming soon via Insta
Little Cactus Ring Dishes | $12 Each
Drake the Camel | $12
Mini Spotty Spoon | $10 Each
What have you found on Etsy that you love? Any special pieces you treasure? Leave a comment below or shoot us an e-mail at hippieteaparty@gmail.com.


  1. Awesome items!


    1. Thanks Mel - definitely check out their site, so many other lovely things! xx


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