Fifty Shades of Green (Spring Dreaming)

Spring was here for a second, y'all. Just a millisecond, to tease me, and then it retreated back to where it came from. The sun was out, my coat was unzipped, and my scarf didn't need to be tied three times around my neck like a noose. I felt like it just might be possible that spring was here to stay. But, I was wrong, because it's 100% feeling like winter again. It's back to being bitterly cold - the kind of cold that makes everyone around you on the streets ruthless and angry. And I hate it. Every minute of it. So, I'm ignoring it.

And that was going really well until today when (... wait for it) I started to realize that I feel sick. You know the feeling - when your body needs a little bit more sleep than usual, and you think to yourself, "Oh, that's weird, my level of exhaustion is off the charts," before passing out at 9pm on a Monday night. Then, the next morning, you're a little sneezy. And then, that afternoon, your throat hurts ever-so-slightly. BOOM. It hits you - you're sick. I'm at that middle stage right now, and I'm consuming so many liquids and vitamins and juices that I'm hoping desperately to fend it off (whatever it is), but the sickness threat is definitely lingering.

Maybe my entire body is just in full revolt because of the cold weather returning.

In any case, let's think spring thoughts and send healthy vibes my way. Since I'm literally about to pass out as I write this, I wanted to share a few more images of greenery from my weekend with the parental units at The New York Botanical Garden. This also seemed appropriate given the amount of immunity-friendly green juices I've been drinking to keep my fluid-and-nutrient intake up. Spring, please come back, we all miss you - and I'm afraid people on the streets and subways might all kill each other soon with cold-induced rage.

How do you cope with lingering cold weather? Let us know via e-mail (hippieteaparty@gmail.com) or leave a comment below!


  1. I cope by indulging in winter fashion..great shots!


    1. Hahaha well hopefully you won't have to indulge in winter fashion too much longer!! Almost April, so hoping the temps will rise soon. :) xx


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