A Happy Home: A Little Greenery

When I moved into my little apartment in Brooklyn, I truly didn't think I'd be there longer than a year. I postponed hanging any of my shelves, I refused to use nails or screws in any of the walls, and I for sure didn't bother to paint (I still haven't, actually). I took the space as it was, and I tried my best to buy furniture that I could take apart and put back together as easily as possible for the next move. In other words, I prepared to be an urban nomad.

I think a lot of New Yorkers do this - they mentally prepare to leave a space as soon as they enter it. This can be done for a number of reasons: the rent becomes too high year after year, the area changing shape over a year can make the neighborhood unreliable, or the ever-present problem of roommate disagreements. I did it, though, because I didn't trust myself. I didn't trust that I could be happy in one place and stay there for longer than a year. So, by default, getting a plant was totally out of the question. You know that scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's where Holly Golightly says that she refuses to name the cat until she can find a place that makes her feel as safe as Tiffany's does? That, in a nutshell, was me. 

Now that I've stayed in the same apartment for going on almost six years now (that's basically forever in New York years), it's difficult to imagine what my space would be like without my own little furball, Shep, and at least one plant that resides on honest-to-goodness, attached-to-the-wall shelves. Shep, as adorable as he is, makes it hard to keep more than one plant around, but we're working on training him to not eat leaves and to refrain from digging in the dirt. Le sigh. That being said, I'd love to be able to work with an interior garden eventually. It's something I've been thinking about a lot since discovering The Sill, a New York plant-lover's paradise that posts the most drool-worthy pictures of interior styling with the best greenery on insta - from big statements trees to teeny tiny succulent arrangements.

So, inspired by that, I gathered some interior plant decor porn for all you other nature nerds out there.


  1. It's funny how things don't happen as we plan. I always thought I was going to stay in Colorado for much shorter than I did! I love the photos you've found to inspire making a home with plants. It's something I find intriguing and pin some examples on Pinterest for my someday home. Best of luck starting your own indoor garden!


    1. Thanks, Brooke! Who knows - maybe I'll finally move one day. But for now I'm really diggin' my little apartment. :) xx


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