Beauty Bag: The Three Things I Can't Live Without

Whenever the weather can't decide what the heck it's doing - like right now - my skin flips out. And this is not a minor little thing... oh, no. This usually leads me down a two- to three-week period where my skin is seemingly going through a full-fledged mental breakdown. It hits the three best (*sarcasm*) stages of skin problems. At first, it gets excessively oily - this is generally normal for me whenever it begins to get a bit warmer out. It's typical, and seems like there's an easy-enough solution: alternate products and / or scale back so that I'm not as heavy-handed. Okay, this we can handle.

And then, my skin starts to break out from all the newly-accumulated oil on my face (and possibly also the lack of product - is it a thing for your skin to go through withdrawal?!). So appears a pimple here and there. But that's not all! Once or twice, it's even erupted into tiny red bumps that are hot and itchy (terrible). This doesn't last for longer than a day or so, but it's still relatively disconcerting whenever it happens. Then, there are more pimples, which seem to develop overnight. I can typically fix all of this by just leaving my skin alone - fighting myself from touching it, and not poking or prodding or popping. Treating it normally, and applying my regular serums and oils as well as a night mask to get in those vitamins, this usually works gets under control relatively easily. Phew.

As a finale, there's the dry period. After the seasonal warmth and humidity from the spring showers makes everything oily, another cold front moves through New York, and my skin gets confused again. Wait, I picture it saying, I thought we were done with this? Yeah, I did, too. Le sigh. The cold air that whips around the buildings smacks me in the face and dries me out all over again. And, on some fun days (*more sarcasm*), that leads to peeling and chapped lips and cheeks. Whenever that happens, I break out the big guns in the form of healing creams, which seem to be the only thing that keeps thirsty skin happy.

For these reasons, the below three skincare treatments are the three things that I always keep on-hand for spring skin emergencies. I'll preface by saying, though, that my skin is pretty damn close to being back under control now.

1. Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil ($46). It's so hard to find a well-rounded oil that's lightweight enough to take on spring weather woes, but this one definitely leads the pack. It's filled to the brim with fatty and omega-3 acids, which help to prevent signs of aging while protecting against free radicals. I never though I would be the person to religiously apply an oil, but I put this on after every single face wash. I swear, my skin has never been so glowy and plump, and I have a hunch that this beauty oil is packing a major punch.
2. Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral-Enriched Renewal Cream ($41). I apply this almost every night for a few different reasons. One: it smells amaaazing and makes my skin feel luxuriously soft afterwards. Two: I always wake up in the morning looking and feeling refreshed. It's a miracle! Finally: it's always good to treat my skin well, with vitamins C, E, and H, as well as time-released minerals in the mix. I used to avoid night creams like this when I had acne, but not this one - it usually clears them up completely by the next morning.
3. Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic Healing Skin Cream ($20). This tub of amazingness never (never ever) leaves my purse. It uses a new healing compound that is created exclusively to provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects while it soothes, heals, and hydrates. Even better? It's made using a sustainable process to harvest ingredients from bees while also protecting them and allowing them to thrive. Good enough for the bees, and good enough for me. I use it on lips, cheeks, eyelids, and anywhere else on my body that might be a bit dry or dull.

What are your go-to beauty products for unpredictable spring weather? Leave a comment below or e-mail us at hippieteaparty@gmail.com.

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