Season Staples: The Catskills Getaway, Take Two

On Sunday, I got ants in my pants, and I just couldn't wait to share some pictures with y'all from our Catskills trip this past weekend. As an avid photographer when away from the city (okay, in the city too, just an avid - and amateur - photographer in general), I captured a borderline-embarrassing amount of images. So, please pardon the overshare of photos.

Now, we've been to the Catskills a few times before, and each trip we make an effort to try and stay in a new area. I'm still very much exploring the Catskills regions, and I think - much like New York - you have to get to know which areas suit you the best in order to perfect a regular "getaway" vacation. We've stayed in Mount Tremper, in Downsville, and most recently in Palenville. And with each new location, we've found amazing little treasures that always make the trip worth it. With Earth Day coming up (April 22nd, mark your calendars if you want to be a super-hippie), it seemed the ideal excuse (read: an excuse, any excuse) to get into some nature, and so we seized the opportunity, driving out of the city as soon as we could get ourselves away on Friday afternoon.

While in Palenville, we stayed at an incredible AirBnB cabin that's situated on the side of a hill overlooking a breathtaking panoramic view of rolling mountains in the distance - reminding me so much of my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina that I almost couldn't stand it (almost). Each morning as the sun rose, we had a picture-perfect view - and while Saturday morning was a little underwhelming because of cloud cover, Sunday morning blew us away with an ombre of the warmest layers of bright rouge, rich marigold, soft lavender and grey-blue. And, of course, a trip to the mountains would not be complete without some sort of fire, this time built inside a fantastical cast iron wood stove (straight out of a novel, seriously). The whole cabin was so warm and cozy that we played card games, sitting on a rug in front of the embers until we were simply too tired to function.

Oh, and I should probably talk about the winding mountain roads that led past waterfalls like Kaaterskill Falls, which (by the way, no big deal) happens to be one of the largest dual cascade falls in the state, as well as in the Northeastern United States. And then there's North-South Lake, which was still partially frozen-over at the time of our arrival, providing a unique view of deep blue waters under bright white ice, a single layer of rich green pines, all topped with fluffy white clouds and an even bluer sky. As an end note, I'm falling more and more in love with the Catskills each new time we visit. I can't wait to go again when the foliage is turning in the fall season (really, though, I just think it sounds so novel and romantic to go anywhere as the "foliage turns").

Of course, if you ever want to follow along on the adventures, click through to instagram (@hippieteaparty) and tag along!

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