Beauty Bag: Magic Glow Luminizers

You can hardly escape it in the beauty section of your favorite magazines these days: how can you get that all-important *glow*. For all the normal people of the world, this is something that can be somewhat unattainable, right? The token "rich girl skin" is achieved by spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on facial treatments, creams, oils, serums, lotions, and maybe even going that extra mile and hiring a nutritionist (or, even better, a personal chef!). You can work out regularly, you can get fillers and injections and trendy facials that will allegedly re-shape your cheekbones. And at the end of it all - after $100,000 a year and then some just spent on your skin - you're still going to be fighting the inescapable: time.

With the "no makeup" beauty trend increasing in popularity this year, a woman's skincare routine has become the epicenter of the industry. Can you go without wearing makeup? Can you get away with wearing makeup that makes it look like you're not wearing any? Can you find a way to revive your skin's cells so that you can go without actually wearing the makeup that you're so used to seeing yourself in? If you can do any of these things, you're good to go. So, the way I figure it, maybe you're born with it. Or maybe you should treat your body right. And yes, I'm all about investing in various creams, lotions, serums, and oils when necessary. But the rest of it? I'm not completely sold on trendy facials and injecting things into my face. All in all, though, if you want to get an epic *glow* that so many people are talking about, you can either invest in your skin, or... you can get a luminizer.

A luminizer, if you're not already familiar, is a term that refers to a product (liquid or powder or cream) that has flecks of shiny materials in it. This mineral dust within the luminizer is important for one reason and one reason alone: it refracts light. Luminizers, therefore, help to highlight your best features, and soften the ones you're not so much a fan of. Basically, if you want to look like you have a special photo-lighting team with you at all times (examples: BeyoncĂ©, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Hudson all come to mind), just blend a small amount along your cheekbones, your brow bone, down the center of your nose, and your collarbone (any place that naturally catches the light) for a sexy, inner-light ethereal feel. Here are my favorite luminizers that will make you postpone your next facial and achieve your own epic *glow*.

1. Benefit Cosmetic High Beam Face Highlighter ($26). They call this "supermodel in a bottle," and that is no joke. It's a liquid highlighter, which means that just a tiny little bit will be enough - creating a dewy complexion that's downright angelic, reflecting light in all the right places. Especially if you are concerned with your makeup being caked onto your face, this one is easy to apply and even easier to blend. Bonus: it looks amaaazing on fair skin tones, so it's absolutely perfect for me.

2. Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color ($30). This powder comes highly recommended from a number of different makeup artists that I know - when asked about luminizers and highlighters, they all say the High Beam White palette is ideal for a light brush on top of any foundation. It has (hands down) the most amazing texture finish with a satin-looking feel to it, and will stay put all day long. In just one stroke, it adds dimension and depth with added radiance.

3. Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid ($44). A water-based highlighter, this multipurpose liquid is every bit as magical as it looks. If you're someone who hates makeup, blend it with your SPF or your moisturizer for a luminescent natural inner-lit glow. If you're into it, though, I suggest mixing a teeny bit into foundation for a soft, all-day sparkle. It has an effect that is downright angelic. The brightening it adds on the high points of the face is unbeatable.

4. Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Wand ($28). Wands like this one are my saving grace, y'all. This one in particular has a shea-butter base enriched with argan oil, packed with anti-aging benefits, gliding on seamlessly. Bringing out my inner radiance, this luminizer makes me look lustrous, refreshed, and full of light even when I'm feeling tired and terrible but lifting and defining. I mean, it's not named the "enlightenment" wand for nothing.

5. RMS Beauty Living Luminizer ($38). Another cult-favorite product of makeup artists everywhere, this versatile, all-natural luminizer is crafted from 100% pure coconut oil that's been meticulously sourced and centrifugal-pressed. It's also the same product that J. Crew's beauty team used to create their signature fresh-faced looks, so it has a subtlety that is perfect for hippies who want to go dewy-sweet rather than moon-princess.

Do any hippies out there use luminizers or highlighters? Any other tips to get that elusive glow? E-mail us at hippieteaparty@gmail.com, or leave a comment below.

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