Day Trippin': Central Park

Now that it's finally warm out, y'all know what that means (!!!). It's the magical, mystical time of year when I crawl out of my seasonal - and somewhat depressing - hibernation and start once again exploring my surroundings. That's right - the day trips are officially back. It's been a while since I've been able to mentally work myself up to leaving the comfort of my nice, cozy apartment and going out into the world. And, because I'm still hesitant that the weather is one stray gust of wind away from dropping 20 degrees (always beware the polar vortexes that sneak up on you and take you by surprise), we stayed quite local this time, and spent a day in and around Central Park. One of my favorite places in the entirety of the Manhattan.

A classic destination, Central Park is absolutely perfect this time of year. All of the flowers and trees are in bloom, and what used to be a barren landscape blanketed with a sheet of white snow is now alive again, which hues of life-giving greens, the prettiest pinks, bright whites, vibrant yellows and beyond. There's just something about the air in Central Park - it's cleaner, nicer, more refreshing. It's almost 180 degrees different than the air that's just outside of it's walls, clogged with anxiety and second-hand smoke. Even the people in Central Park seem less like they're in a hurry and more about spending time with one another instead of their phones. The park, tucked inside a concrete jungle, is an invaluable escape from the city it's so oddly found itself surrounded by.

If you have the time, get thee to the park, y'all. Spend a day there, laying on a blanket under the canopy of nature, counting the colors of the flowers, and observing the tourists as they wave to squirrels as if they've never come across such an odd thing in their whole life. It's hilarious and oddly satisfying to witness at the same time.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Completely agree that there are few things better in life than Central Park in full bloom...after I've taken my allergy meds.

    1. Thanks Anastasia!! Hahaha - we're almost through the spring. Hopefully your issues clear up with the summer season. xx


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