What We Got Them: The Best Flowers for Mother's Day

I'm going to take a chance and leave some info here for y'all to do with what you will: you can never go wrong with flowers.

I know that there are some women out there who disagree with this sentiment, but I have this weird hunch that if they outwardly say they don't want flowers, there's some secret piece of them deep down inside where they know that if someone got them flowers, they'd be giddy instead of sour about it. Why? Because flowers are impossible to hate. They're nature's biggest pick-me-ups. They smell so fragrant and fresh, exciting a whole world of olfactory memories. The colors, too, inspire the senses and brighten up any cloudy day. Poppies, Sweet Peas, Foxgloves, Peonies, Sunflowers, and Dahlias are some of my absolute favorites. Truly, if we lived in a world without flowers, it would be a very sad world indeed.

On that note, for Mother's Day - and for any other holiday, anniversary, or event - you should always remember to bring and / or send a fresh bouquet or arrangement of flowers, please. And I don't mean the carnations you pick up at the bodega (unless it's one of those rare fancy bodegas that has row after row of fresh flowers in an array of hues and accompanying fauna; those places are just divine). Here's what you should do instead: get yourself to the flower district and pull a little something together. Or, even better, go to your local small business flower shop and buy a thought-out arrangement. These businesses (the really, really good ones, anyways) are somewhat of a dying breed, and people don't use them to their advantage. 

In the spirit of Mother's Day, I wanted to inspire y'all to create something as much as fresh flowers inspire me, so I've gathered up some good ol' fashioned flower porn for you to bask in. To all the mothers out there - we love you. May your days be full of light and joy, because you definitely deserve it.

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Final note: I'm borderline obsessed with following local florists on the 'gram. If you know of any amazing ones that I might be missing out on, please email me and let me know - hippieteaparty@gmail.com.


  1. In France, Mother's Day is at the very end of the month. Those pictures are really inspiring, beautiful flowers ! And the presentation is very nice too :)


    1. Hope you get your momma something pretty! Thanks for reading, Emmanuelle!! x

  2. My favorite is the poppies bouquet at the very beginning! Such wonderful bright colors! I'd loved that all of the arrangements are unique and not your typical display. Great finds.


    1. I looove poppies! They have such great personality. xx


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