Little Things: Moon Juice Beauty Dust

Sometimes I can get a little over-the-top-hippie. Wearing caftans and longing for fabulous floral crowns are one thing, but now that I'm on a plant-based diet and do crazy amounts of yoga, my interests are getting a bit deeper into the bohemian void. One of those things that I'm seriously investigating? Herbal holistic remedies. And no, I'm not talking about anything illegal here (or legal, in some states), I'm talking about being super in-tune with the way whatever you're putting into your body interacts with your wellness and health. Someone else who's into that? Amanda Chantal Bacon, the owner and creator of Moon Juice, a company that boasts 100% organic and natural snacks and juices, as well as what they call "Moon Dusts."

The Beauty Dust, specifically, is one of their best sellers, and has blended together super-potent herbs in powder form based on an ancient medicinal formula from Chinese herbal traditions. It claims to calm nerves, to firm tissue, to increase collagen and silica production, and to hydrate and fortify skin at a cellular level. The results? Shinier hair (yes, please), stronger nails (yes, again) and a downright glowing, radiant complexion (what every woman secretly wants, duh, yes). The ingredients include goji, pearl, rehmannia, and schisandra, ensuring that the dust is full of antioxidants, enzymes, and amino acids. For someone like me who is admittedly a little beauty-crazy lately, this could be the missing link in my routine - an internal base of beauty, while serums, oils, lotions, balms, masks, and creams are the icing on the cake. You have to take care of yourself from the inside-out, right? Why wouldn't you apply that same practice to your beauty routine? I'm calling it, y'all: beauty drinks are the next big thing. 

NOTE! Also pictured above (just FYI) is CAP Beauty's Love Potion, aptly named The Captivator. They're a New York-based beauty and wellness shop that carries Moon Juice, which is a blessing since I wasn't about to fly all the way out to Cali for some dust. Well, I guess it depends on how good it turns out to be a month from now - give me 30 days and I'll circle back around to that.

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