Seven Questions With One Love Organics

My newfound obsession with natural, organic beauty products began just earlier this year, so I still consider myself a newbie. It's been a bit of a snowball effect, where one tiny change in my bathroom cabinet made a huge difference, and soon after I found myself diving head first into learning more about just how good these products are for my skin. And, if I had to choose just one brand that I cannot imagine how I've lived without before now, it would easily be One Love Organics. My skincare routine consists of a regular circulation of products, for sure, but lately I've noticed that I cannot seem to keep myself from plowing through OLO's feel-good brand; so much so that I decided that I needed to reach out to skincare guru and founder, Suzanne LeRoux, to pick her brain and hear more about her collection. Enjoy her in-depth beauty tips below! (PS: Want to try some One Love Organics for yourself? Visit their website here. You're welcome.)

1. Let's start with the basics! Tell us about your history and how you came to start One Love Organics. 

Beauty products have always been my first choice for a treat. The textures, the scents, the packaging—I adore them all. I love the way I feel after treating myself to a beauty treatment or new product. To me, it is the perfect, guilt-free and healthiest way to indulge. Over time, I found that I wanted to learn more about the ingredients. I wanted to know how could I make these products with the highest grade and healthiest ingredients available to others, too? In fact, the day my husband called for our first date was the same day my first set of essential oils for an upcoming aromatherapy course arrived. For the next eleven years, I studied aromatherapy, herbology, holistic skin care and then created natural beauty products. The process became rather time-consuming as I balanced my full-time career with my studies so my husband encouraged me to pursue my passion full-time.

2. You believe in the power of a well-executed beauty ritual, so I have to ask - what's yours?

Every morning I massage a small amount of Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser for about one minute into my skin using our cleansing sponge and make sure to care for my throat, jawline and the spot behind my ears. For toning and firming, I apply a small amount of Morning Glory Caffeinated Firming Serum to my face. Then, to moisturize, I use 3-5 drops of our antioxidant rich Vitamin C Facial Serum on my fingertips and gently massage it into my skin. To help me brighten and de-puff my eyes I rely on Vitamin E Eye Balm, but only sparingly. I always end each day with a thorough double cleanse because it is the most effective way to prep skin to receive the benefits of a serum, treatment product or facial oil. I pre-cleanse at night by massaging a small scoop of Skin Savior Balm onto dry skin for about two minutes, and then use a warm, damp washcloth to gently remove the excess. I turn to Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser again for cleansing and follow up with 3-5 drops of Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Facial Oil. Finally, I press a liberal amount of Vitamin E Eye Balm around my eye and brow area, and then over my lips. I also live by our dry shampoo, Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo and used it for two years before we released it to our customers. I put it on my hair before bed to absorb oil overnight. The next morning I was up with great second or third day hair. Sometimes I will use it during the day to refresh and add volume. I love it.

3. You also have mentioned that you indulged in self-care in college and law school to help keep your sanity intact. What was your routine like back then, and how has it changed?

Back then, my routine was focused on makeup and immediate results. Bronzers, highlighters, mascaras, the right lipstick. Those were key for me. I spent the most time and money on these products. My skin didn’t look that great, of course, and nothing I had ever tried worked to clear up my skin. I had not discovered natural and organic products at this point yet. I was focused on the superficial, too, and had no idea that the right products would create clear, glowing skin … and that I would no longer need to wear bronzers, highlighters or mascaras. My approach now is skin-care based, not make-up based.

4. What ultimately drove you toward the organic, all-natural approach to beauty? What lessons have you learned in the process?

Aromas—they really drive me. They helped (and still do) me relax, get energized and flourish creatively. So, my studies began with aromatherapy. When I really learned how the power of plants works, it was quite a discovery for me. My education on essential oils, plant-carrier oils and plant hydrosols lead me to use them as skin care. In less than a year, my skin looked better than ever. I was in awe. Nothing was as powerful as plants—and I tried everything in department stores and doctor offices. It's all about the plants. We have obsessively studied where to find the freshest, highest quality plant materials available on the earth.

5. What does the "Luxury of Less" ethos of OLO mean for you?

My husband and I practiced law together for five years before we had children. When we had children, we did it like we do everything—with gusto! With a busy law practice and two babies, we were completely overwhelmed and wanted to find our “key” … our solution … to life. We read The Simple Living Guide by Janet Luhr and it inspired us to make changes. Janet, like me, gave up a law career to simplify her life. My husband and I learned that living simply is not about being frugal or denying pleasure. Not at all. It is not about living on a tight budget or being minimally aesthetic. Instead, living simply is about being fully aware of the choices you make, the life you live and seeing the relationship between the two. So, there is less. Less clutter. Less debt. Less stress. But, also more. More joy. More freedom. More of the things that really matter. This ideology became the basis of our line and created a beautiful transformation for our family's lives. It then inspired us to offer a simpler approach to beauty. We focus on a few supreme products, not up-selling a medicine cabinet full of mysterious jars. Our customers have really responded to and appreciate our honesty.

6. Do you have any secret beauty weapons that you bust out for the summer season?

Yes! A great scrub, like our Vitamin C Body Polish, is really the key to getting a great, close shave, smooth glowing skin, the perfect mani/pedi, an even fake tan… really the list goes on and on but it starts with a good scrub!

7. Finally, you're on a desert island. What is the one product can you never ever live without?

The first product I created and One Love Organics’ bestseller: Skin Savior Balm.

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