Little Things: Gopi Shah Ceramics Zodiac Lantern

If there are two things in the world that I love having around my house, it's ceramics and candles. Give me a chance to combine the two of those, and I'm happier than a unicorn eating cake on a rainbow, y'all. When Gopi Shah reached out to me, introducing this amazing collection into my life, I could not have been more in awe. Upon seeing the array of unique, handmade ceramics and pottery from San Francisco, I was star-struck. It seemed only right, then, that this Zodiac Lantern should make it's way to my doorstep - in the form of the Cancer zodiac constellation, naturally. When lit, the stars shine though, creating a mystical and heavenly scene, making them perfect for any astrology-loving hippie (like yours truly).

FYI: This product was given to me for review by Gopi Shah Ceramics. All opinions are my own, as always.

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