Meow Moment: Happy Birthday, Shep!

I know I have a slight, or #letsbehonest not so slight, tendency to obsess over my furbaby. But, this month it's all about him. It's his birthday - he's officially a whopping FOUR years old! (What, you don't celebrate your pet's birthday? Shame on you.)

When I think about it, it's hard to believe I've hosted this fuzzy little monster in my home for that long. Truthfully, though, I can't imagine my home being complete without him anymore. He's a bit of a terror at times, but aren't we all? Pets have a magical way of changing our lives - and Shep came into my life right when I needed him. He's taught me patience and the importance of stability, but above all, he's taught me that sometimes you just need a good nap and some unconditional love to make all your problems melt away.

Here's to the cat who jumps in all of my pictures, who likes to whine until I pick him up, who puts up with all of my overbearing snuggles and kisses, and who is - hands down - the best heating pad on the planet (which is just #purrfect now that the weather is getting cold again).


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  1. LOL you're so cute!! Happy bday Shephard!!



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