My Recipe Book: The Best Avocado Toast (Vegan)

When it gets chilly out, I have a tendency (like many humans) to turn to things that comfort me. And, being a carb-lover, one of my favorite things on the planet is fresh, warm, toast. As a kid, my mother would occasionally make us cinnamon sugar toast as a special treat - and to this day, I still keep a small container of cinnamon sugar in my spice rack (here's how to make some for yourself). Now that I'm older - and admittedly looking for a less sugary snack - I've been searching for other ways to kick bread up a notch, with different spreads and toppings as well as experimenting with making it in the toaster, the oven, or on the stove-top.

Listen, I'm not re-inventing the wheel here by any means, but when it comes to toast, you've got a fresh palate to work with each slice.

I know that I'm not the only one who has a passion for toast; last year, the "artisanal toast" trend really took off, with restaurants charging upwards of $4 to $5 for a slice. I'm not sure who the first person was to ever put avocado on top of their toast in the morning - but let me tell you, that person is a genius. I mean, I love avocados in every form, y'all: guacamole, sliced in a wrap or sandwich, on their own with a little salad dressing on top (yum). But the first time that I put avocado toast in my mouth, I knew it was going to be a new go-to for me.

Avocados are a magical super food. Each one is packed with nutrients and vitamins, on top of those ever-important antioxidants - lowering your risk of certain diseases, making your skin more vibrant and healthy, and protecting your vital organs. On top of that, with pink Himalayan sea salt (similarly packed with a ton of minerals and vitamins) and cacao nibs (which have a ton of fiber and more antioxidants than you can dream of), this version of avocado toast is a health kick, disguised with a sweet and creamy taste. The texture of the avocado complemented by the hint of chocolate in the cacao nibs? It takes me to a downright heavenly place every single time.

The Best Avocado Toast (Vegan)
Recipe by yours truly. Easily adaptable! 

- Your Favorite Bread (I usually pick up the latest multi-grain from the local bakery - be sure to ask and make sure it's vegan!)
- Half of a Fresh Avocado
- A Splash of Lemon or Lemon Juice (optional)
- A Pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
- 1/2 to 1 Tablespoon of Cacao Nibs

1. Take one slice of bread and toast it in a toaster until *just* golden crisp.
2. Take half of the avocado and smash it with a fork - until it's a good creamy consistency, but there are still small hunks of it left whole.
3. Sprinkle the masked avocado with fresh or organic lemon juice, and garnish with a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt.
4. Spread the mashed avocado onto toast, and top with cacao nibs. Enjoy with fresh blackberries and a hot cup of your favorite tea. 

Do you like avocado toast - or any toast, really - as much as I do? Share a picture with me on social media or by e-mailing me at hippieteaparty@gmail.com. Happy eating, y'all!

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