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**Another small note for readers: It's become apparent that more than a few readers out there are concerned that we get paid for affiliate links and promoting products. Please know that all of the opinions on HTP are those of the hippies, and that we are not working with an affiliate link program - at all. If that ever changes, you (the readers!) will be the first ones we tell. It's important to us that the community here stays authentic; that our voices and interests and personalities shine through. That includes not promoting product that we don't 100% believe in and use in our everyday lives. When we are gifted a product, which will be disclosed clearly on each post it's featured in, it's because we fully support the brand and story after having the company go through a rigorous screening program. If you have any questions in regards to these policies, or to anything else at all, e-mail us at hippieteaparty@gmail.com and we'll answer you right away (pinky swear). 
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